Testing your code shouldn't be painful.

Your tests should feel like a safety net, not a burden.

We can help

Test Auditing

Identify gaps, pain-points and potential improvements in your existing test infrastructure.

Improve Engineer Happiness

Painful tests are worse than no tests. Find out what is slowing down your team.

Security & Privacy

Our process is completely secure. We don't need access to your code, unless you want to.

Identify Key Metrics

You can't improve until you measure. Figure out the most impactful metrics for your tests.

Automation & Tool Suggestions

We will suggest targeted language-specific tools and descriptions of what they should accomplish for you.

Best Practices

We live and breathe this stuff and want to share our best practices with your team.

How it works

Our process is simple and you'll love the results.


Give us some information

We will send a detailed, but simple questionnaire to your engineers.

With this information we'll build a holistic picture of your CI landscape.


We'll build your report

Once you give us the go-ahead, our team will spend a week compiling the results while you sit back and relax.

We'll strive to find testing gaps, pain points and targeted tools for your situation.


You'll get results.

We will send a detailed audit of your testing setup that can act as a roadmap for improvement.

We will provide prioritized goals and their benefits for your team.

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Rinse & Repeat

We'll complete another audit for you whenever you're ready.

You can track key testing metric changes, developer happiness improvements and get an updated picture of your CI/CD process.

Check it out!

About Our Team

Alex Gandy

Engineer with 16 years web development experience. CNU. Storyblocks, Accenture, and more...

Chas DeVeas

Principal Engineer @ Storyblocks with 10+ years experience. UVA. Booz Allen, Wavefront, Goosechase.io

Allan Chappelear

Creative Director @ New Target Inc. UI/UX Engineer and front-end developer with 12 years experience.


Our Prices

One Time Audit

Get insight.

  • Testing Landscape Report
  • Developer Happiness Insights
  • Identify Key Testing Metrics
  • Areas for Improvement
  • Language Specific Recommendations
  • Best Practices Suggestions
  • External Tool Recommendations
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Recurring Audit


$1499/ yr
  • Quarterly Audit
  • Developer Happiness Changes
  • Key Metric Tracking
  • Area of Improvement Follow Ups
  • CI/CD Tool Impact Tracking
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Partner with Us

We can help.

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  • Quarterly Audit
  • Implementation Roadmap
  • Key Metric Tracking and Progress
  • Coaching
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We'd be happy to reach out to discuss how we can help you get the most from your tests.